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We use all the funds received in full for the needs of refugees from Ukraine

MRIYA UA, z.s. is a non-profit organization and is exempt from taxation 

exempt from gift tax.

Financial Assistance

Regular contributions

  • Set a permanent bank order.
  • You determine the amount of the contribution yourself.
  • You can stop support at any time.

Send a one-time gift

Even a one-time contribution will help us in helping more refugees from Ukraine

Open bank account


All receipts and expenses on the center account can be viewed here:

Tax breaks for sponsors


(in accordance with paragraph 15 of Part 1 of the Law on Income Tax)

Individuals can deduct the value of gifts from the tax base if the total value of gifts in the tax period exceeds 2% of the tax base or is at least 1000 CZK.

In total, a maximum of 15% can be deducted from the tax base.

Thus, in order to be able to receive a gift for tax purposes, it must be at least a gift or an amount of gifts for a year exceeding the amount of 1000 CZK or an amount exceeding 2% of the tax base

Legal entities

(pursuant to Section 20(8) of the Income Tax Act)

Legal entities may deduct the value of gifts from the tax base if the value of the gift is at least CZK 2,000. In total, a maximum of 10% of the already reduced tax base may be deducted. This deduction cannot be claimed by taxpayers who are not established or established for the purpose of doing business.

We will be happy to give you a donation agreement or a gift certificate

Send us an email: vedeni@mriyaua.cz

contact information:

name and surname / for legal entities the name of the enterprise;
for legal entities: IČO, DIČ, Contact person)
street, city, zip code,
phone number, e-mail;