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Хочу допомагати

Help refugees and support work of our center

Every day, about 700-800 refugees come tous, it is mothers with children, pensioners, invalids, people with a heavy disease. Unfortunately on this time we to them all, can not help, because we do not have both the financial help, humanitarian facilities and volunteers

Financial Help

Regularly kick in or send a non-permanentgift

Open Bank Account


Material charity

You can bring:

  • Food
  • Dressed
  • Facilities of hygiene
  • Stationeries…
  • Voluntarily help

    We very to welcome new volunteers advice

    If you wish to help refugees from Ukraineand to profit in our center, contact with us toaddress:

    Tel.: 420 778 583 725
    e – mail: vedeni@mriyaua.cz

    Offer the free services

    • Translation
    • Is legal services
    • A transport help, move and other

    You will very help us to promoteprofessionalism, knowledge and to decreaserunning expenses

    On additional information apply for:За додатковою інформацією звертайтеся по:

    tel.: +420 778 583 725
    e-mail: vedeni@mriyaua.cz

    Pass our contacts

    Maybe, you know other people that notindifferent fate of refugee from Ukraine andthat would like us to support.

    We will be very thankful, if you will tell tothem about our activity and will give acontact.