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Search for accommodation

The goal of our center is to provide the basic life needs of refugees who fled the war in Ukraine to the Czech Republic.

HELP IN SEARCHING FOR HOUSING In our center, we will help you find shelter in the Czech Republic. Every day, in cooperation with partner centers for assistance to refugees from Ukraine, our database of vacancies is updated and housing is offered throughout the territory of the Czech Republic. It should be noted that in Prague itself, proposals for settlement are minimal or non-existent. Volunteers of our center will find you housing on the spot. They will inform you about the living conditions and the place where your temporary home will be located. They will inform for what period housing is provided (from and to), will agree with the owners about check-in and the possibility of getting directly to the place of residence. The center registers all those who apply for help and keeps track of them with personal data and contacts, as well as those who provide housing for refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic. Housing is sought only for women with children, the disabled, and the elderly. If housing is provided, those who wish also receive a free Czech SIM card with credit.   Hola